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    Girl in the Window cover, red, with purple window, shadow of girl behind.    I have no secrets by Penny Joelson YA Fiction  



Note: The Girl Who Wasn’t There is the US Title for Girl in the Window. This is the same book!

I write Young Adult thrillers and mystery novels. Things the Eye Can’t See (Egmont 2020), The Girl Who Wasn’t There/ Girl in the Window (Sourcebooks Fire 2020/ Egmont 2018) and I Have No Secrets (Egmont 2017/Sourcebooks Fire 2019) are all told from the viewpoints of unusual protagonists whose voices are often not heard.

Kasia in ‘The Girl Who Wasn’t There/ Girl in the Window’ has ME/ CFS and is housebound. She has not been downstairs for ten weeks. From her window she sees what looks like an abduction and she thinks she sees a girl at the window opposite who may have seen too. But no one has been reported missing and she is told there is no girl at the house opposite…

Jemma in ‘I Have No Secrets’ has severe cerebral palsy. She is the only person who knows the identity of a murderer but she cannot move or communicate.

Libby in ‘Things the Eye Can’t See’ is visually impaired and a guide dog owner. She becomes involved in a search for a missing boy…

‘I Have No Secrets’  was Carnegie Nominated and has won ten awards: the 2018 FCBG Children’s Book Award for older readers, Leeds Book Award, Sussex ABA Award, Worcestershire Teen Book Award, Cumbria Book Award, Bolton Book Award, Bristol Book Award, St Helens Book Award and the Girls’ Day School Trust Book Award.

Girl in the Window won the NE Book Award and has been shortlisted for the Lambeth Phoenix Book Award and the Girls Day School Trust Book Award.

Things the Eye Can’t See has won the NE Book Award this year!

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